I Got the Job!

I was officially hired today as the photographer for Vogue | Vert, an eco-friendly upscale fashion boutique.  I shoot the products on and off models, in-studio and on-location.  Kathy, my boss, is awesome–she’s eager to hear my ideas and wants me to be a creative director as well as a photographer.

The online store is set to launch by Thanksgiving, so there’s a lot of work to be done in a very short time!

The only downside is that it makes me want to go shopping.  Like, really bad.  This was one of my favorite purses from Saturday’s shoot, crafted from recycled leather jackets:

And this bag by Elvis & Kresse is made from recycled fire hoses:

Next shoot is November 19.  Can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “I Got the Job!

  1. Laura,

    I’m so proud of you! This sounds fantastic and I know no one else could do the job as well as you! Miss you roomie!! (PS. I’m now following your posts.)

    Abby Mayo

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