Another Fashion Shoot, and VogueVert’s Site Launch!!

Hey everyone!  I’ve got some more photos to show you.

But first–big news!!  VogueVert’s brand spankin’ new website has officially launched!  Check it out, and, for goodness greenness, tell all your friends!

I had another fashion shoot for VogueVert last weekend in Covington, KY.  Check out the view from the building I work in!

And, even though it’s not the best picture, here’s the setup I used for the studio photos.

One of the major emphases of this shoot was Holiday photos.  I was assigned to get a few images that could be used for the front page during the holiday season.

Here’s some of my favorite products from this shoot:

The Circle Necklace by Alkemie,

the Camel Sweetheart Bag by GUNAS,

the Fire-Hose Tote from Elvis & Kresse,

the Rockstar by GUNAS in Faux Fur (which I also like in Red Patent),

the Neon Blue Clutch by GUNAS,

and the Fiona Baguette by Jess Rizzuti.  All these products are made from vegan or upcycled materials–this particular bag is made of recycled cork!

The most fun part of this shoot was a brief cavort into on-location photography.  Got to take some shots outside of the studio!!

Aaaaand that’s all I feel like posting for now (even though there was much more), so, in conclusion, here’s a black and white picture of me sitting on the muslin.

SNAZZY!  ‘Til next time, kids.


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