A Day in the Life…. Sorta.

Hey there, Face here.  It has recently dawned on me that this blog may come off the wrong way, something along the lines of, “‘LAURA FISHER’S LIFE.’?!  More like, the blog of all-play-and-no-work!  GUFFAW.”

So this post is dedicated to clarifying any misconceptions.  It’s true, usually I post only about the exciting things going on in my life (interesting photos I take, photoventures I go on, and my job as a fashion photographer) because that’s what I figure anyone reading this blog would be most interested in.  However, I also do a lot of freelance work that is not as glamourous, but it is also my job.

This week I am actually finishing up two freelance jobs.  One is creating a hardcover book for a client’s son’s bar mitzvah:

I am also finishing up editing a batch of wedding reception pictures that I shot for a different client:

And I’ve been scanning new negatives for Jane Alden Stevens throughout the past three weeks on the Imacon scanner:

This is how my life usually is!  I do a lot of freelance work outside of working as a fashion photographer.  Of course, while I’m waiting on scans, I make things like this:

And, on top of all that, I’m still hosting trivia four nights a week!  I keep myself pretty busy, I suppose.

So what else is on my plate at the moment?  Well, I take adult german language classes  once a week, and I recently renovated my bedroom.  Starting in January I’m taking wheel-throwing ceramics classes, and I’m thinking about starting an art project inspired by Isa’s incredible blog.  Unrelatedly, I’m also still looking for a way to go back to Germany.  Grants, maybe?

David Rosenthal says I should just go to Czechoslovakia or whatever and take trains everywhere until I run out of money.  Have I mentioned he’s awesome?

Anyway, the TL;DR version of this post: I do a lot of worthwhile things as a freelancer that I don’t usually post about because the fun things I do serve as more interesting blog-fodder.  Yay!!


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