Sunglasses, Clutches, and Trash-bag Bags… Oh My!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had a big update (happy holidays!), but I’ve got a lot to post about, so I’ll be updating a lot over the next few days.  First things first, though: new fashion photos for VogueVert!

We’re launching a line of sunglasses and clutches next week by KAYU, aka Jamie Lim.  She was a finalist for the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award, won The Earth Award in fashion, and was a finalist for the Conde Nast Traveler Innovation & Design Award.  She uses only natural materials (such as sustainable bamboo), and every piece is handmade.  The sunglasses come in five different shapes and two different finishes (Natural and Sepia).

My favorite item from this shoot is the Leather Samples Bag by Carmina Campus (an eco-friendly line by Fendi).  Designer Ilaria Venturini Fendi established Carmina Campus to give women in compromised communities a fair-paying skilled job making purses.  The leather samples are stitched onto a bag body made of recycled mosquito netting.

The other bags shot on Saturday are made of manipulated and woven plastic recycled trash/grocery/shopping bags.  Sheila Odessey is a designer who turned to her background as a textile designer to transform plastic bags into amazing fabrics and distinctive handbags.  She is fascinated by taking mundane, contemporary signage and transforming it into a new fresh identity that is unexpected, visually exciting and at the same time amusing.

I experimented with backlighting and my new Sigma macro lens toward the end of the shoot.  I’m trying different techniques to expand my portfolio.  Jen was out of town, so Mere and Lauren were modeling for me today!



Here’s some more highlights from Saturday’s shoot:

I’m going to be very busy shooting for VogueVert for the next couple months.  Spring is kind of a big thing in the fashion world!

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