Long Overdue Fashion Update

Haven’t updated in a while–I’ve been SUPER, super busy.  Which is a good thing!  (See, I can say that now that I’m not all sleep deprived and frantic and over-caffeinated.  BUSY IS GOOD.)

Spring is not only the busiest season in the fashion industry, it’s also prime wedding-booking season.  On top of that, I’ve been taking classes to learn wheel-throwing ceramics, and I’m working for Janie on her Japan book and several upcoming solo exhibitions.  In my downtime, I’ve been applying for artist residencies, drinking caffeine, and watching too much 30 Rock because I am obsessed.  I KNOW I HAVE NO LIFE, DON’T JUDGE ME OKAY.

Anyway!  I have some fashion photos for you.  I hope to post a few more updates over the next week because I have a lot of cool stuff to share.

The VogueVert shoot two Saturdays ago was particularly big.  We will soon be tripling the amount of scarves we offer, by designer A Peace Treaty.  They’re made from 100% cashmere, collected from the shedding hair of the inner coat of the Capra Hircus mountain goat living in the Himalayas, and hand woven into 54″ x 54″ squares of pure heaven!

Whipped up this spread to showcase the new scarves:

And here’s a gallery of all the new ones!  We went with more casual clothing for most of this shoot.  Eat your heart out, GAP.  We may not have Jolly-Rancher-colored khakis, but we actually have a better selection of scarves than the largest specialty apparel retailer in the United States.  HEYYOOOO.  (Actually, I’m just bitter because they stopped selling their jeans in long sizes in stores.  Grrr.)  I threw some of my other favorite photos from the shoot in there too.  As always, if you want to see more, go browse around www.voguevert.com!

More to come!  Stay tuned!


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