My Fashion Photos for VogueVert Featured in Recent Press!

Holy cow!  A bunch of my photos have been published in recent articles!!  Check it out!!!  EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

A photo I took in January of model Meredith Hogan is featured on CincyChic this week:

Additionally, Amy Scalia raves about VogueVert on in her article about this Friday’s upcoming Eco-Fabulous Fashion Show:

“I probably shouldn’t show favoritism among my vendors, but I can’t help myself… the one I’m super excited about is VogueVert.” [link]

AND, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, my photos of Alkemie & Sway products plus model Jen Painter rocking some Elvis & Kresse were featured in the cover article of the February issue of Ms. Cincinnati Magazine!

Still can’t get enough?  Check out VogueVert’s new, redesigned Facebook page, and LIKE  the page if you haven’t already!!

Summary for the tl;dr crowd: the photography work I’ve been doing got featured in a bunch of awesome articles about VogueVert!  Yayyy!

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