Midwest Dhamaka 2012

This past Saturday night, I shot a national Bollywood Fusion Dance competition along with Connie Fu and Daniel Hofmeister at The School for Creative and Performing Arts.  I’ve never been to a dance competition like this before, and it was a total blast!  Makes me wish I could move like that.  (For now, I’ll just stick to my Zumba class, in which I watch the instructor instead of the giant mirror and pretend I look as good salsa-ing as she does.)

Eight university teams competed at Midwest Dhamaka:

Boston University Chankaar
University of Florida Gator Adaa
Northwestern University Deeva Dance Troupe
University of Maryland Dhoom
University of Michigan Manzil
Villanova University Nova Nassa
The Ohio State University Genesis
Rutgers University Ehsaas

(As the hosting team, University of Cincinnati Dhadak performed, but did not compete.)

Congratulations to OSU Genesis for being crowned the victors!  All the teams that performed were absolutely stunning.  Here are some of my favorite shots… enjoy!

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