Fashion Update

In the past month, I haven’t had time to update after each shoot for VogueVert, so here’s some highlights from the three most recent shoots, and I have another one this weekend! Busybusybusy.  We have so many great new products coming up!

New Lava Hoops from Giovanna Torrico, made from vintage sequins:

(They look red from the front, but pink from the side.  Neat, huh?)

Luxuriously soft silk stockings and socks from Maria LaRosa:

New jewelry from Nettie Kent!  I am absolutely in love with the first necklace.  You can wear it symmetrically (like pictured below) or asymmetrically (with all three ‘arrowheads’ cascading up one side of your neck).

And now for the BIG news: tons of new purses and jewelry from Carmina Campus!!  Designed by Fendi, these products are part of a sustainable project using completely recycled materials to put women in compromised communities to work for a fair wage.  I’m so excited about all the new items we’re getting from this designer.  :)

The Carmina Campus Toy Tyre Bracelet is so unique.  Ilaria Fendi’s designs are inherently stylish but also incredibly playful.

More to come later.  I’ve got so much to post and so little spare time.  Argh!


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