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Guess who just got a Pinterest?  THIS GIRL!  Though, it’s probably something I shouldn’t be so happy about.  That’s like bragging to my friends that I’ve recently become addicted to meth.  WOOHOO!

Slightly-politically-incorrect similes aside, I had three great reasons to get a Pinterest.  Let me break it down for you numbered list style:

  1. One of the reasons I love being a wedding photographer is because I love weddings.  One of my friends, wedding-photographer-extraordinaire Bethany Cox, recently got a Pinterest to help share wedding planning ideas with her brides.  I see lots of great wedding DIYs and designs all the time, so what better way to share them with my clients than through a Pinterest??  (Or maybe I’m making excuses for my unhealthy addiction to pinning things on my wedding board.  Bah.)  Well, since I don’t have a wedding of my own to plan, maybe something I’ve pinned will help inspire my clients in their planning!
  2. By maintaining a Pinterest and establishing what and who I like, I get more great suggestions akin to my tastes on my feed.  It’s like having a friend with really, really good taste in Internet.  Wait, did I just call my Pinterest my friend…?  DON’T JUDGE ME OKAY
  3. I see a lot of awesome crap on the internet ALL THE TIME and I have no place to organize it.  UNTIL NOW.

Check out some wedding options I think are awesome, wedding photography ideas, or look at all my latest art/design obsessions in general on all my boards!

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