Lighting Workshop with Justin & Mary

The week before last, I went on an unexpected journey.

In a last minute arrangement, I set sail [read: drove 14 hours] to East Haven, CT to work for Justin & Mary and attend their Lighting Intensive.  The workshop covered everything from rockin’ that natural lighting, to not being completely terrified of your off-camera flash anymore, to making your studio lighting skills totally baller.

During the lecture portion, I took like thirty pages of notes.  No lie.  I feel ridiculously awesome now.  COME AT ME, LIGHT-BRO.  I GOT YOU.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the images I took of Tiffany during the hands-on portion, and tell you a little bit about what I learned:


These first few photos were taken with a modeling light with a large Octo Softbox on it.  But you probably already knew that by looking at the catchlight (the reflection of the light source in the model’s eyes).  ;)




You ready to get your mind blown?  The above image was taken with a flash.  Yup.  A flash in a hot shoe, aimed at about a 45-degree angle upwards, and turned completely to my left, perpendicular to the subject plane.  <(All this jargon basically means that Justin & Mary are light-wizards and taught me how to bounce my flash like a pro.)


More studio lighting, this time with the modeling light on the right…



^More hot-shoe flash work.  I’m pretty proud to say that it effectively looks just as good as full studio lighting… but a lot more portable!!


^Had one of the other workshop attendees hold a reflector for this one, to soften the shadows and bring out detail.


Justin & Mary are not only amazing photographers, they give a heck of a workshop!  Mary is a fantastic speaker and Justin just knows everything and a half about lighting.  It was so helpful to me to get a walkthrough from the pros and to have any and every question I’ve ever had about lighting answered.  Now it’s time to put what I learned to the test–the wedding I’m shooting this weekend in D.C. takes place at night, and the lobby (where group photos will be taken) is painted completely bright teal blue.  Thanks to Justin & Mary, I can now confidently say, BRING IT ON!!

2 thoughts on “Lighting Workshop with Justin & Mary

  1. Love these! I’m so glad you explained each shot, because even though I was there, I haven’t been around off camera light enough to know the technical terms. (Or I just have a really bad memory). Anyways, great shots and nice to meet you! -Stephanie

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