Christine + Sam: A Modern Affair at the Contemporary Arts Center

Beth, the wedding coordinator, hesitates over the phone.  I can tell something is up–definitely something more than her previous call.  “The bride is in the hospital… she’s getting IVs.  Stay tuned.”

You know the Monty Python quote, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition”?  It’s funny how, on the big day, a bride worries about everything–tripping in her new high heels, the ceremony running behind schedule, the florist not being able to find a parking spot and not having cash to park in a garage–except the flu.  At least, not to the point where she can’t make it to her own wedding.  But when it happens, there’s not much anyone can do except go with the flow.

Christine, however, is no ordinary bride.  I think the average response to a bad case of the flu is something along the lines of, ‘lay in bed, move as little as possible, occasionally sip water from a straw, and alternate between sleeping and marathoning old episodes of Friends‘.  But not Christine.  Booking it from the hospital, she managed to arrive at the hotel to get ready just in the nick of time.  When Kayla and I entered room 1450, I had no idea what to expect–but it definitely wasn’t a bride calmly sitting on the hotel room floor, hair coiffed, putting on her makeup and munching saltines.  This girl was going to get married, dangit, and nothing–not even a little (err, uh, pretty big) flu–was going to stop her.

They say that your wedding day never goes the way you plan.  For Christine and Sam, I think this was probably an understatement.  But they not only managed to pull off an artful celebration full of beauty and joy, it was exhilarating.  From the intimate black box theater ceremony, to the scrumptious dinner beneath towering Shepherd Fairey murals in the CAC lobby, to the nine-piece live band bringing down the house on the electric blue-lit dance floor, Christine and Sam’s day was truly a blast.  Congratulations, you two–your spirit and panache are truly unmatched!

(Ew, rhyming photographer.  Sorry.  Anyway, be sure to check out Part II–Christine and Sam’s Post-Wedding Session!)

Want more?  You can view all of Christine and Sam’s photos on their wedding page!

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