Christine and Sam’s Post-Wedding Session

Remember Christine, the awesome bride I posted about that goes from Hospital to gettin’ hitched in 60 seconds flat?  Remember her and Sam’s ridiculously gorgeous contemporary wedding?  Well, to make up for lost time on the big day, we decided to do a post-wedding photo session… two weeks later!

Luckily, Christine and Sam were briefly in town (and totally flu-free) after their honeymoon in California before heading back to New York, so we spent a fun evening exploring Cincinnati high and low (literally!  See that shot with the big sky in the background?  It was quite the hill…), taking some relaxed shots at some of my favorite photo locations.  It was a perfect evening, and Christine and Sam got to spend some more time together in front of the camera–and I got to have even more creative freedom than we would have had on the day of the wedding!

Congrats again, you two!!

(In case you missed it, here’s Christine and Sam’s wedding post, and you can see even more photos over here on their wedding page!)

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