John and Tess: An Intimate Wedding at St. Aloysius and the Cincinnatian

It’s funny how, when it comes to love, finding the right person isn’t always the whole story; sometimes the timing just isn’t right.  In John and Tess’ case, it took decades for these two high school sweethearts tto find their way back to each other.

At our first meeting, a photo of John and Tess at their high school prom, which John keeps in his wallet, rests on the table between us.  John’s face lights up when he recalls to me how he spotted Tess in the church communion line, after not having spoken in years.  John knew, right then, that this was the start of something.

Getting ready at the house, Tess is musing to her maid of honor while putting on a necklace from John.  Maybe she always knew it was him.  Maybe she should never have let him go in the first place.

But then she pauses.

“That’s not the way the world works, though… We had to come back around to each other.”

Life–and love–works in mysterious ways.  It’s not always simple, and it’s not always straightforward.  But when two people like John and Tess find each other, the feeling is palpable.  John and Tess, your day was absolutely elegant, cozy, and bursting with love, and it was an honor to be a small part of your unique and incredible love story.

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