My New Favorite Thing: Panoramic Photos

Today’s post features a few sneak peeks from Kelly and Zac’s anniversary shoot and Whitney and Chris’ SPECTACULAR Terre Haute wedding, because I just HAVE to share my latest obsession: Panoramas!!

Here are a couple examples (I highly recommend clicking on them to see the full view)!  They’re surprisingly simple to make.

The effect of a panorama is quite dramatic–it lets you see the entire scene in one glance.  Like this huge tree that would’ve never fit in the frame otherwise:

Panorama 3

Or this vast field:Panorama 12

These panoramas are basically multiple (usually about 10-12) photographs taken in a linear fashion, and then stitched together in post-production.Panorama 7

This entire endeavor was inspired by a night panorama I found by Jason Husband on flickr.  I wanted to create a similar view, but wider, showing the whole city skyline.

Skyline COMBINED v12

And the panoramic format works amazingly well indoors, too.  The ballroom at St. Mary-of-the-Woods in Terre Haute was much too large to fit in one photograph, even with my super-wide lens.  So, in my best Zoidberg-impression-voice, I asked myself, why not panorama?  And whaddya know, the photo of the hall turned out GORGEOUS!!

What’s even better is that they’re relatively easy and fast to shoot, which means that I can take the shots for a panorama anytime, anywhere!  What a neat addition to a wedding, huh?

And with that, I’m off to Kara and Evan’s rehearsal… So excited for their big day tomorrow!


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