Kelly and Zac’s Anniversary Photo Shoot at Glenwood Gardens

Kelly and Zac were married in the fall of last year, but who says that has to be the last time that gorgeous white dress makes an appearance?  Since they never had engagement photos done, Kelly contacted me about doing an anniversary shoot.  Hold up, I said.  You want to put on pretty clothes and have a non-rushed photo shoot at some of the city’s most photogenic locations?  Pardon my French, but HELL YES!

As a photographer, I think anniversary shoots are the bomb.  Not only did I have plenty of time to get some ‘engagement’ style shots of Kelly and Zac, but I had the liberty to try more creative shots (like the epic nighttime cityscape shot at the end of the night!!).  Kelly and Zac were total troopers, never once tiring of my crazy photo ideas (and totally not judging me when I’d spaz out about the light being so gorgeous), and even braving a field full of dastardly burrs!  (Autumn I love you but seriously I’m still finding those stupid stickers on my shoes and camera bag.)

Thank you for adventuring with me, Kelly and Zac!   I can’t wait to photograph your adorable little girl next month!!

Glenwood Gardens Wedding PhotographyIMG_0012IMG_0020IMG_0041IMG_0046IMG_0051_smallIMG_0050IMG_0054IMG_0058IMG_0059IMG_0069IMG_0083IMG_0086IMG_0088IMG_0092IMG_0116IMG_0125IMG_0133IMG_0137IMG_0144 _smallIMG_0146IMG_0142IMG_0153IMG_0177IMG_0182IMG_0187IMG_0191IMG_0190IMG_0206IMG_0209IMG_0300
Panorama 14

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