Kara + Evan: A Completely DIY Wedding at St. Elizabeth’s | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Since Kara and Evan are both artists, naturally, their wedding was completely DIY and full of artistic details–but most of all, it was undeniably THEM!!  Every inch of the decor was custom made by the bride and groom and their loved ones to reflect them as a couple, and pulled together by the tireless planning efforts of coordinator Jenny Kessler.  It was an honor to capture their celebration, and I am so excited to share just a few of the incredible DIY projects that went into this wedding!!

Evan and Kara met on a double date (they went apple picking–Jenny’s idea!) on a crisp October day.  Kara admits it was awkward and silly at first… but the two hit it off!  So, after Evan popped the question, Kara’s vision for a fall wedding with apple-themed details began to “grow” (HA!  More photographer puns!  There should be an award for punniest photography blog.  Pun-tography?  We’re getting off track here…) and ultimately came to fruition at St. Elizabeth’s in Norwood, Ohio, on a warm October day.

The bride’s dress was originally designed and constructed by her Aunt Theresa for her mother’s wedding.  She grew up playing dress-up in it, and always knew she wanted it to be the gown she wore on her big day… so her aunt updated it to fit her style!  The bridesmaids’ dresses are also handmade, by Kara’s childhood friend Hannah, a theater costume designer.

Kara put together all of the bouquets and boutonnieres–complete with special details to reflect the bearer.  (There’s even a heart button sewn on the back of the groom’s boutonniere.)  Meanwhile, Evan drew the save-the-dates, invitations, and programs himself.

And there’s one detail you just CAN’T miss… the cake table!!  Since Kara and Evan had so many friends and family members asking to help, they decided to request that each person make a different type of cake for the reception–including one that Kara and Evan made themselves!  The result?  Guests could choose from a dozen different kinds of homemade cake.  Talk about a wedding that completely ‘takes the cake’!  (Okay, I’ll stop, I promise.)

It goes without saying that Evan and Kara’s big day was a labor of love–not just theirs, but so much love from their friends and family–and that kind of surrounding joy is what makes a wedding truly special.  Congratulations, you two!  All of your hard work most definitely paid off!

If you’d like to view all of the photos from Kara and Evan’s big day, just mosey on over here!

IMG_0002 IMG_0003IMG_0001 IMG_0006IMG_0002IMG_0118IMG_0009IMG_0015IMG_0107IMG_0183IMG_0014IMG_0003IMG_0011 IMG_0013IMG_0106IMG_0074_1 IMG_0108IMG_0019IMG_0005 IMG_0006IMG_0022IMG_0007IMG_0109IMG_0452IMG_0029IMG_0471IMG_0030IMG_0493 IMG_0008IMG_0032IMG_0000 IMG_0038IMG_0040IMG_0043IMG_0111IMG_0706 IMG_0110IMG_0791IMG_0011IMG_0822IMG_0050IMG_0112IMG_0719IMG_0113IMG_0956IMG_0053 IMG_0054 IMG_1000 IMG_1002IMG_1003IMG_1038IMG_0015IMG_1041IMG_1054 IMG_1059 IMG_1064 IMG_0114 swappedIMG_1073IMG_0014 IMG_0072Don’t forget!  You can see all of the photos from Kara and Evan’s big day on their personal wedding site!

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