Sydney And Jimmy’s Chicago Engagement Session | Chicago Wedding Photographer

IMG_0183Shortly after I first talked to Sydney and Jimmy on the phone, Sydney was already brainstorming ideas for engagement photo locations.  Right from that moment, I knew the afternoon we would be spending together was going to be totally awesome!

And what a feast of a Chicago photoventure it was!  We started among the towering columns of the Loop, then warmed up for a moment inside the historic Monadnock building (Jimmy’s dad works there–how lucky are we?!) and drank in the detailed ironwork of the historic staircase.  Afterward, we hit up the amazing Boarding House in Near North Side (absolutely gorgeous wine cellar–Jimmy’s idea!), and finished up the day basking in golden light next to the icy waters of Lake Michigan.

But hear me, friends–locations (even super AWESOME ones) are nothing compared to these two and their love for each other.  When two people are this happy together, they could make a vacant lot look like the Champs-Élysées; and Sydney and Jimmy are definitely that couple–blissfully engaged and splendidly cute together.  It was such an honor and a joy to spend some time with them in Chicago, and I can’t wait to capture their big day in September!!

Friends and family, don’t forget that you can see more photos from Jimmy and Sydney’s engagement session by clicking here!

IMG_0013_1 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0026 IMG_0029 IMG_0043 IMG_0052 IMG_0051IMG_0056 IMG_0058 IMG_0073IMG_0081-2IMG_0086IMG_0091 IMG_0097 IMG_0102 IMG_0109IMG_0114IMG_0117 IMG_0111IMG_0119 IMG_0121 IMG_0131 IMG_0136 IMG_0142 IMG_0150 IMG_0154 IMG_0165 IMG_0171IMG_0183IMG_0185IMG_0181

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