Aaron & Ruta’s Pastel-hued Wedding at the Worthington Inn | Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

It seems, by all accounts, Aaron and Ruta were destined for one another.  The bride’s sister totally tells this story best, so I’ll let her do the talking here:

“During the first week of med school, Ruta went on a scavenger hunt with the 4th year students and asked if there were any synagogues in the area, so they put her in touch with Ronnie.  She told me about this right afterward, which I thought was weird because this was just some rando she talked to on the phone and we don’t really go to synagogue anyway.  Several weeks later, she was with her roommate at the hospital, started talking to a guy, and recognized his voice–it was Ronnie!  THAT’S CRAZY, I thought.  Just bonkers.

They started dating, he moved to Arizona, and they stayed together.  Ruta matched in Columbus, and somehow, Ronnie found a position there too!  Anyway, the point is that they’re totally destined for each other, or something.”

And there you have it, folks–destiny, or something.  You know.

But all humor aside, these two have an incredible magnetism to each other.  A few of my friends that saw these photos during editing asked me, “How did you get them to look so cute together like that?”  The truth is, I didn’t do anything–it’s just there.  I simply observed from the sidelines, watching Ruta light up and Ronnie tear up when they first saw each other; how they’d mimic each other’s quirky expressions after the ceremony and then burst out laughing; the quiet and calm of dancing with one another.  They’re emotions of the most genuine and undeniable kind, and I feel honored to have been the one to capture them.

Ruta and Ronnie, you two have a whole lotta love for each other, and I wish you all the best.  :)

Friends and family–don’t forget, you can view all of Ruta and Ronnie’s photos, share, and order prints over on their wedding site.  See you there!

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