Bonnie & Eric’s Elegant Salem Wedding at the Historic Hawthorne Hotel | Boston, MA Wedding Photographer

Oh, this wedding.  That weather.  This couple!  Where do I even start…

I love Bonnie and Eric.  I knew Bonnie and I would hit it off within the first five minutes of talking to her.  I was sitting in traffic one day last spring when she called me on the phone, and I remember thinking how sweet she was for laughing at all of my stupid jokes–Bonnie asked if I travel for weddings, and I said something along the lines of “of course!  Whether it’s by train, plane, horseback, stagecoach…” and she cracked up!  (I know my jokes are super lame, so thank you for laughing, Bonnie.)

But the real delight came when I met them in person, together.  Bonnie and Eric (Bonneric?  Bonric?  Ernie?  Erm, nevermind…) are just the best when they’re around each other.  They love to laugh and tease each other, and both have terrific senses of humor.  They truly are the maple syrup to each other’s blueberry pancakes.

But more than anything, I was overwhelmed by how welcoming they were to everyone–including me.  I felt treated as though I were a guest.  Who the heck invites their photographer to dinner the night before the rehearsal?  And breakfast the day after the wedding?!  Jeez Louise, I was so touched.  Eric’s best man, Chris, was also incredibly generous.  He not only picked me up from the airport, but was a fantastic chauffeur for Bonnie, Eric and I during their day-after session.  I can’t express how much I appreciated it.  (There’s no “rule” that you have to be nice to your wedding vendors, folks–in fact, it’s pretty rare!)

Now, despite my terrible memory, I’m going to try to narrate the tale of how these two met.  Disclaimer: I may not have my facts straight.  (Other disclaimer: I have this written down accurately somewhere, but it’s more fun for me to butcher attempt to recollect it, right?)  Here we go:

Bonnie went camping with some awesome people and there was a group of slightly wasted guys who were camping at a site nearby.  Apparently they were trying to ride a bike down a cliff and ramp it over a picnic table.  (Sounds like a solid idea to me, but I guess they never actually attempted it and zero necks were broken that day.)  Anyway, Bonnie and her cousin went to go mingle with the guys (Eric was not among them yet) but good times were had nonetheless.  Bonnie met Eric back at the campsite and was IMMEDIATELY IMPRESSED with his knowledge of zipcodes and his Van Halen tattoo.  Like, insta-swoon, I’m sure of it.  One thing led to another and pretty soon these two were texting haikus and taking 12 day cross-country roadtrips together (my timeline here may be a bit skewed) but my point is this:

Bonnie and Eric
True love, in happiest form

~Laura Fisher, HAIKU MASTER

Anyway, you two, I’ll wrap this up, but I wanted you to know how much I truly enjoyed getting to know you and photographing your beautiful faces.  I appreciate how welcome you made me feel and everything you’ve done for me.  I truly hope all the best for you, and hope we see each other again sometime!

Friends and family–the fun’s just getting started… the INCREDIBLE photos from Bonnie and Eric’s day after session are coming very soon!  Meanwhile, if you’d like to see more from their wedding day, head over here to their full gallery!  :)

IMG_0012 IMG_0022IMG_0024IMG_0039IMG_0035IMG_0015IMG_0088IMG_0057 IMG_0065IMG_0060IMG_0068 IMG_0074IMG_0096 IMG_0100 IMG_0111 IMG_0113 IMG_0116 IMG_0132 IMG_0133 IMG_0140 IMG_0143 IMG_0167 IMG_0176 IMG_0177 IMG_0186 IMG_0187 IMG_0244 IMG_0246 IMG_0249 IMG_0256 IMG_0265 IMG_0266 IMG_0269 IMG_0272 IMG_0277 IMG_0283 IMG_0284_MG_9978 IMG_0296 IMG_0322 IMG_0341 IMG_0349 IMG_0405-2 IMG_0407 IMG_0413-2 IMG_0436 IMG_0465 IMG_0469 IMG_0476 IMG_0482 IMG_0502 IMG_0508 IMG_0515 IMG_0543 IMG_0529IMG_0545 IMG_0554 IMG_0562 IMG_0574 IMG_0581 IMG_0583 IMG_0596 IMG_0606 IMG_0669 IMG_0676IMG_0697IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0704 IMG_0705 IMG_0706 IMG_0710 IMG_0741 IMG_0743 IMG_0752 IMG_0778 IMG_0781 IMG_0784 IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0797 IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0817 IMG_0818 IMG_0822 IMG_0831 IMG_0833IMG_0855IMG_0853 IMG_0878 IMG_0880 IMG_0913 IMG_0915 IMG_0943 IMG_0948 IMG_0949 IMG_0965 IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0972 IMG_0974 IMG_0986 IMG_0987 IMG_0999 IMG_1001 IMG_1072 IMG_1079 IMG_1085 IMG_1088 IMG_1090 IMG_1093 IMG_1094 IMG_1100 IMG_1105 IMG_1113 IMG_1160IMG_1118IMG_1125IMG_2000 IMG_2001 IMG_2002


3 thoughts on “Bonnie & Eric’s Elegant Salem Wedding at the Historic Hawthorne Hotel | Boston, MA Wedding Photographer

  1. Laura you made me cry again! You are amazing and we can’t thank you enough! Not many photographers would climb a tree, sprint through a church (my mom might be exaggerating), or walk through the ocean to get their shots, and that’s only a fraction of what makes you so talented! As for the haiku, you definitely get extra points for the 5 syllable single word line! ;) I’m off to see the rest and then look at them again!

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