Sarah and Kevin’s Roebling Bridge Engagement Session | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Kevin are easily one of the most fun couples I’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph.  Spunky and sarcastic, they complement each other perfectly–and are just a total BLAST to be around.  Our engagement session was so much fun and it went so quickly… I was sad when it was over!  (Of course, there was this thing about some Jameson on some pants, and… well, it’s a long story.)  I can’t wait to photograph these two getting hitched next year, hopefully in the same outfits they’re rocking at the end of their engagement session… ;)  (What outfits, you say?  You’ll just have to scroll down and see for yourself!)

Friends and family–don’t forget that you can view, print, and share all of the photos from Sarah and Kevin’s engagement session right over here!
IMG_0006 IMG_0011 IMG_0013 IMG_0027IMG_0044-2IMG_0014IMG_0052IMG_0050IMG_0047 IMG_0054-2 IMG_0059-2 IMG_0063IMG_0090-2 IMG_0083-2IMG_0089-2IMG_0087-2IMG_0073-2IMG_0097 IMG_0091IMG_0099-2 IMG_0100-2 IMG_0101-2 IMG_0103-2 IMG_0107-2 IMG_0112 IMG_0113-2 IMG_0116 IMG_0117 IMG_0120-2 IMG_0129 IMG_0131 And just for fun…. :)IMG_0136IMG_0140


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