Beth and John’s Beautiful Autumn Engagement | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Beth and John are the sweetest couple.  From the first time we met, I felt like we had already known each other a long time, so there was no doubt in my mind that their engagement session was going to be fun and easygoing!!  These two are totally adventurous, and even a little rain couldn’t stop them from laughing and having a good time together among the gorgeous fall leaves.

John and Beth, it was was a total blast hanging out with you, and I can’t wait for your big day in October!!

Friends and family, don’t forget–you can view more photos, share your favorites, and even make prints over at their personal gallery.  See you there!

IMG_0006 IMG_0010 IMG_0009-2 IMG_0016-2 IMG_0020IMG_0036IMG_0042IMG_0029_1IMG_0043-2IMG_0049IMG_0054IMG_0055IMG_0023 IMG_0065-2IMG_0068IMG_0071-2IMG_0011-2IMG_0010 2-2 IMG_0072 IMG_0078 IMG_0081-2 IMG_0093 IMG_0085-2 IMG_0113-2 IMG_0112-2IMG_0111-2IMG_0117 IMG_0134 IMG_0122IMG_0135 IMG_0146 IMG_0139IMG_0145IMG_0152-2 IMG_0149IMG_0155 IMG_0159-2 IMG_0166-2 IMG_0172-2IMG_0179IMG_0182IMG_0174-2IMG_0175


One thought on “Beth and John’s Beautiful Autumn Engagement | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

  1. Beautiful pictures! May I ask when these were taken? I am trying to plan a November wedding and don’t want it to be too late where the leaves have fallen and the color is lost for the pictures. This is a crucial part for me and my wedding.

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