Chilly Weather, Horses, a Teepee, and a Dog Named Rue: Ashley and Mike’s Cozy Winter Engagement Session | Cincinnati Wedding Photorapher

Some photographers may complain about it, but I just love photographing outdoors on chilly overcast days!  There’s a certain magic to the air when it smells like bonfire, and feels like it could start snowing any second.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun to play with a wintery, muted, ‘outdoorsy’ palette in my editing.

Ashley’s parents’ farm in Morrow was the perfect setting for her engagement photos with Mike (and their lab-boxer mix, Rue!).  I was having a photographer’s field day–tall trees, frozen creek, horses, and even a teepee?!  You gotta be kiddin’ me!

Ashley and Mike are such a blast to hang out with.  Our afternoon together was totally relaxed and filled with enjoyment, laughter, and good conversation.  (And did I mention the teepee?!?)  I can already tell that this will be the perfect spot for Ashley and Mike’s wedding–it is completely and totally “them.”  I can hardly wait!

Friends and family, don’t forget that you can view all of Ashley and Mike’s photos, order prints, share to facebook, and more over at their full gallery!

IMG_0009 IMG_0007-2IMG_0025IMG_0027 IMG_0020IMG_0028IMG_0033IMG_0022IMG_0038 IMG_0039-2 IMG_0040-2 IMG_0041 IMG_0061-2 IMG_0043IMG_0045IMG_0044IMG_0050IMG_0065-2 IMG_0066-2 IMG_0070-2 IMG_0075 IMG_0092 IMG_0087IMG_0088-2IMG_0094 IMG_0095 IMG_0105-2 IMG_0108-2 IMG_0112 IMG_0117-2 IMG_0132-2IMG_0129IMG_0122IMG_0124IMG_0133-2 IMG_0137-2 IMG_0140-2 IMG_0146 IMG_0179-2 IMG_0182-2IMG_0173IMG_0159-2IMG_0186-2 IMG_0187 IMG_0192 IMG_0197 IMG_0206IMG_0204-2IMG_0208 IMG_0199-2IMG_0214 IMG_0226 IMG_0216-2IMG_0224-2IMG_0239 IMG_0241-2 IMG_0252 IMG_0254 IMG_0259 IMG_0260 IMG_0265Want more?  Check out more photos from Ashley and Mike’s engagement session here!


One thought on “Chilly Weather, Horses, a Teepee, and a Dog Named Rue: Ashley and Mike’s Cozy Winter Engagement Session | Cincinnati Wedding Photorapher

  1. What a fine looking couple and such wonderful smiles on both of you.Your love just radiates in these photographs.Ashley you are one beautiful woman,one that a Grandparent can be proud of;and so we are.Much love from us to you both.Grandpa Jim & Grandma Muriel

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