The Best of 2014 Photography: a recap of the best photos from this year | Destination Wedding Photographer

What a year it’s been!  2014 was amazing on so many levels.  I met so many incredible people, captured some absolutely wonderful marriages, and got engaged myself!  I couldn’t ask for a better (and busier!) year.

I am so lucky to capture each and every moment that my couples entrust me with, and I find it really difficult to narrow things down!  But, if I had to pick my favorites from this past year, here are the images that truly make my heart skip a beat.

I want to give thanks to everyone who let me be a part of their special day this past year, and can’t wait for a joyous new year to start!  Bring it on, 2015!!

IMG_0069 IMG_0163 IMG_0210 IMG_0161IMG_0039IMG_0215IMG_0385IMG_0515 IMG_0884 IMG_0600IMG_0051 IMG_0165IMG_0121IMG_0136IMG_0073 IMG_0403 IMG_0104IMG_0268IMG_0306IMG_0211IMG_0915 IMG_0042 IMG_0185 IMG_0191 IMG_0216IMG_0000IMG_0333IMG_0851IMG_0263 IMG_1080 IMG_1054 IMG_0058IMG_0077IMG_0081IMG_0141IMG_0191IMG_0536-2IMG_0726_MG_9295-2 uncropped-4IMG_0855IMG_0088IMG_0132IMG_0266IMG_0133IMG_0405-2IMG_0502IMG_2002IMG_0036IMG_0046IMG_0175IMG_0183-3IMG_0265IMG_0283IMG_0285Untitled1 watermarked 2IMG_0319IMG_0362IMG_0230IMG_0222IMG_0157IMG_0271IMG_0150IMG_0132IMG_0123IMG_0105IMG_0050IMG_0178IMG_0558IMG_0958IMG_1011IMG_1007-2IMG_1052-1-3IMG_0956IMG_1223IMG_1332IMG_0181IMG_0189IMG_0264IMG_0483IMG_0840IMG_0839IMG_0054-2IMG_0073-2IMG_0081-2IMG_0111-2IMG_0446IMG_0516IMG_0571_1IMG_0603IMG_0618-2IMG_0813IMG_0387IMG_0489IMG_0464IMG_0515IMG_0543IMG_0577IMG_0591IMG_0431IMG_0763IMG_0805IMG_1076IMG_1221IMG_1117IMG_0044IMG_0145IMG_0179-2IMG_0237-2IMG_0266-2IMG_0274-2IMG_0009-2IMG_0036IMG_0072IMG_0055IMG_0028IMG_0061-2IMG_0065-2IMG_0112IMG_0105-2IMG_0133-2IMG_0140-2IMG_0146IMG_0173IMG_0206_1IMG_0226IMG_0064IMG_0166IMG_0144IMG_0292IMG_0413IMG_0594-2IMG_0613-2IMG_1053


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