Caitie and Jim’s Contemporary Summer Soiree at the Bluestone | Columbus Wedding Photographer


These two happy lovebirds met as freshmen at OU, and tied the knot in an absolutely gorgeous wedding at the Bluestone in Columbus.  Swathed in eucalyptus leaves and fresh flowers, the rosy richness of the Bluestone’s original carved wood details made for a beautiful backdrop to Caitie and Jim’s emotional vows.  After the ceremony, they went for a lovely stroll in Schiller Park, made a quick stop for shots at Plank’s Biergarten, and ended the night on a spectacular note with a magical sparkler send-off into the warm summer air.

Congrats, Caitie and Jim–I can’t wait to see where your adventures together take you next!!  Friends and family, don’t forget–you can view all of the photos from Caitie and Jim’s big day, order prints, share to social media, and more!  Just head over to their wedding page.  :)

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Want to see more photos from Caitie and Jim’s big day?  Click here!

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