Alexa and William are Married!

Set in the luxurious Cincinnati Art Museum, Alexa and William’s sophisticated December affair was punctuated with pops of crimson, twinkling gold lights, and vintage-inspired details.  At the reception at the Rivercenter Marriott in Covington, friends and family were inspired by the wedding party’s excitement to pack the dance floor into the wee hours of the […]

On Winning the Day

Last week I went to a conference in Indianapolis on Wedding Photography, Lighting, and Kicking Fear in the Face.  Remember that time I went to Connecticut learn from Justin & Mary?  Well, this conference was a part of their incredibly ambitious What’s Next Tour, a nationwide movement to get people like me to get up, tell […]

Jes and Tony are Married!

Jes and Tony are the bee’s knees.  Wait, that makes me sound like a grandma.  Let’s see….  If they were a sport, they’d be Calvinball.  If they were an ice cream, they’d be Blue Moo Cookie Dough.  If they were an animal, they’d be a jackalope riding a Chupacabra.  You get the idea. The Hotel […]