Lost ticket

She shuffles up to the ticket kiosk, eyes glued to the floor.  She stands directly in front of the counter, seconds pass, her breath hovers visibly in the chilled air, she wonders if anyone is on the other side of the glass. “Lost ticket?” a voice crackles. “I’m sorry?” “Lost.  Ticket.  Yes?” “N-no, I… uh… […]

A Day in the Life…. Sorta.

Hey there, Face here.  It has recently dawned on me that this blog may come off the wrong way, something along the lines of, “‘LAURA FISHER’S LIFE.’?!  More like, the blog of all-play-and-no-work!  GUFFAW.” So this post is dedicated to clarifying any misconceptions.  It’s true, usually I post only about the exciting things going on […]