Lighting Workshop with Justin & Mary

The week before last, I went on an unexpected journey. In a last minute arrangement, I set sail [read: drove 14 hours] to East Haven, CT to work for Justin & Mary and attend their Lighting Intensive.  The workshop covered everything from rockin’ that natural lighting, to not being completely terrified of your off-camera flash […]

Union Terminal’s “Tower A”

I first read about Union Terminal’s main control room, Tower A, in a Cincinnati magazine article last year entitled “Hidden Cincinnati.”  It had a wide-angle photo of Tower A’s interior and briefly talked about its history.  I was flabbergasted!  I had been to Union Terminal dozens of times since my childhood (including a photoventure last year […]

Nina and Ryan are Married!

The air is crisp and cool as the day begins, morning light filtering through the trees, and the faraway scent of fall leaves drifting in the breeze. The girls crowd around the dining room table, laughing and chattering about the frozen serving spoons on Nina’s eyes.  They wear a rainbow of men’s shirts, as their […]