Light Bulb Terrariums

So this past weekend I had a potty emergency and stopped at a gas station off of the highway.  While in the bathroom, I happened to notice that there were a lot of burnt-out lightbulbs above the vanity.  They were the big round kind (giggity) and I instantly recalled a DIY terrarium idea I’d been […]

Follow me on Pinterest!

Guess who just got a Pinterest?  THIS GIRL!  Though, it’s probably something I shouldn’t be so happy about.  That’s like bragging to my friends that I’ve recently become addicted to meth.  WOOHOO! Slightly-politically-incorrect similes aside, I had three great reasons to get a Pinterest.  Let me break it down for you numbered list style: One of the […]

Fashion Update

In the past month, I haven’t had time to update after each shoot for VogueVert, so here’s some highlights from the three most recent shoots, and I have another one this weekend! Busybusybusy.  We have so many great new products coming up! New Lava Hoops from Giovanna Torrico, made from vintage sequins: (They look red from […]

Midwest Dhamaka 2012

This past Saturday night, I shot a national Bollywood Fusion Dance competition along with Connie Fu and Daniel Hofmeister at The School for Creative and Performing Arts.  I’ve never been to a dance competition like this before, and it was a total blast!  Makes me wish I could move like that.  (For now, I’ll just […]