Tara’s Outdoor River Gorge Bridal Shoot | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer


I love it when a shoot is conceived spontaneously–I was getting my hair styled by the amazingly talented Tara Tussing, and she mentioned that she was getting married in a few weeks.  I asked if she would be interested in doing a bridal photo session after her wedding, and she absolutely was!  Tara wanted to try something artistic and interesting, so I suggested my favorite photo location and a daring proposal… let’s get that dress WET!*

I have to admit that sessions like this are one of my absolute favorite things to shoot.  There’s nothing better than having a quiet moment to really consider my surroundings and light, and to have a lot of freedom to experiment artistically with my subject.  Tara was an absolutely gorgeous bride, and it was a lot of fun** to take these beautiful images together!

*No Stella York dresses were permanently harmed in the making of these photos.  Promise.

**I maaaay or may not have gotten waist deep in water for some of these shots.  (Don’t worry, I kept my camera dry!)10_07_2015_000110_07_2015_0034-210_07_2015_004010_07_2015_0062-210_07_2015_0105-210_07_2015_0097-210_07_2015_011410_07_2015_0123-210_07_2015_0135-210_07_2015_015510_07_2015_0213-210_07_2015_025910_07_2015_0300-210_07_2015_035310_07_2015_034010_07_2015_035710_07_2015_032210_07_2015_033610_07_2015_033110_07_2015_0369-210_07_2015_037410_07_2015_0406-210_07_2015_041310_07_2015_0414-210_07_2015_041510_07_2015_042510_07_2015_0482-210_07_2015_0483-210_07_2015_049210_07_2015_051910_07_2015_061310_07_2015_055910_07_2015_0700-210_07_2015_071210_07_2015_062610_07_2015_071710_07_2015_0670_1-210_07_2015_0676-210_07_2015_0669-210_07_2015_071510_07_2015_073810_07_2015_0777-210_07_2015_0762-210_07_2015_0770-210_07_2015_083810_07_2015_086410_07_2015_0873-210_07_2015_0890_110_07_2015_0874-210_07_2015_094510_07_2015_0969-210_07_2015_096410_07_2015_098010_07_2015_098310_07_2015_102710_07_2015_100110_07_2015_106410_07_2015_1029-210_07_2015_107810_07_2015_111710_07_2015_112110_07_2015_1156-2


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