Paige & Ethan’s Fun-Filled Winter Engagement Starring Max the Dog | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer


Ethan and Paige are one of the most fun-loving, adventurous couples I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot.  We headed out to Ault Park and Over-the-Rhine to enjoy one of the last fresh snowfalls of the season and get some awesome photos.  Their dog, Max, is a total sweetheart (and photo ham), and enjoyed playing in the snow as much as they did!

Paige & Ethan, thanks for braving the cold with me and for instigating some awesome snowball fights!  I cannot WAIT for your big day in September!!

IMG_0002 IMG_0006-2 IMG_0009-2 IMG_0012-2 IMG_0017 IMG_0020 IMG_0022-2 IMG_0023 IMG_0025 IMG_0028-2 IMG_0029-2 IMG_0037-2 IMG_0038-2 IMG_0043-2 IMG_0049 IMG_0050-2 IMG_0052-2 IMG_0053-2 IMG_0054 IMG_0055 IMG_0057-2 IMG_0060 IMG_0064 IMG_0070 IMG_0085-2 IMG_0086 IMG_0089 IMG_0092-2 IMG_0093 IMG_0096-2 IMG_0097-2 IMG_0098 IMG_0100 IMG_0102-2 IMG_0108 IMG_0110 IMG_0114-2 IMG_0117-2 IMG_0122-2IMG_0119  IMG_0124-2 IMG_0129 IMG_0132 IMG_0134-2 IMG_0139 IMG_0141-3 IMG_0146 IMG_0149 IMG_0153-2IMG_0150


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