Fun with UC’s Electron Microscope!

Thanks to David Rosenthal, director at Prairie Gallery, and the organizing efforts of the amazing Anjali Alm-Basu, I and a couple of UC photo students had the privilege to ‘play around’ with one of the University of Cincinnati’s electron microscopes.  Check out the (amazing!) results below:

In the final photo in the gallery, the leaf is disintegrating.  If the examined organic matter contains too much water, it may break down when the microscope focuses too closely.  When we zoomed in to 3500x, this part of the leaf began to fall apart rapidly.

It’s mind-blowing, what exists beyond what our eyes can see, beyond what the frequency of regular light can see.  This was one of those moments where you realize that there are universes upon universes that we can only imagine thanks to the ability of technology.  In the contents beneath your refrigerator alone, there is a continent’s worth of image-making to be had.

If I were allowed, I would explore with the electron microscope all day.  :)

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